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Falling Global Oil Prices has Big Impact on Liberians

Jefferson Massah

The price of oil has fallen sharply around the world in the last year. That’s forced major companies like Chevron and Exxon Mobil, that were pouring millions into Liberia, to hold back and watch the global trend in the oil … More

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Oil Industry Chaos: Liberians Benefit From Low Oil Prices

James Harding Giahyue

Monrovia – The plunge in oil prices on the world market has dealt a devastating blow to Liberia’s oil industry dashing hopes that oil may have been the savior for Liberia’s struggling economy. But at the same time those low … More

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Tetee Gebro Reflects on her Experience Reporting on the Oil Industry in Liberia

Tetee Gebro

First off, a confession: even as the oil industry in Liberia made a lot of news in our country in the years from 2010, as a practicing journalist I knew very little about it. Like most of my peers, all … More

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Exxon Set to Drill – Are Liberians Ready For Jobs in Oil Industry?

Mae Azango

Monrovia – Liberia’s oil industry is holding its breath waiting for the outcome of ExxonMobil exploration efforts by the end of the year. With global oil prices low, and little interest by big oil companies in Liberia’s yet unproven oil … More

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Passage of New Oil Law Offers Hope of Industry Restart

James Harding Giahyue

Monrovia – In this last of a three-part series on the survival of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) amid financial turmoil and the global oil crisis, we ask whether the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Law could save Liberia’s … More

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Climate Change Threatens Liberia

Tetee Gebro

  With a global reliance on fossil fuel for energy, climate change is increasingly becoming a threat to human existence. Across the world catastrophic weather patterns are killing people and devastating agricultural activities. In our own region, one of the … More

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NOCAL Slashes Costs To Survive As Income Dries Up

James Harding Giahyue

 Monrovia – In this second of a three-part series on the survival of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) amid financial turmoil and the oil crisis we look closely at how the company is operating in these difficult times. … More

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NOCAL Collapses One Year On – Liberia’s Oil Basin Goes Quiet

James Harding Giahyue

Monrovia – In this first part of three-part series on we look at what is currently happening in the Liberian oil basin one year on from the collapse of the National Oil Company of Liberia. What is the status of … More

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Liberians’ Health: Generators, Cars Posing Dangers to Residents

James Harding Giahyue

Monrovia – On June 19 this year, two men—Varnie Sarjue and Jusue Vannie – spent the night in the office of GMT Fishery in the Bong Mines Bridge community outside Monrovia. Both men were guarding the company’s properties, and on … More

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Politics and Oil

Jefferson Massah

Liberia’s third post conflict democratic elections are expected to be held in 2017 to   usher   in another government when the mandate of the   current government’s second and final term expires. This will mark the country’s first democratic transition in more … More

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Total Gas Stations Threaten Protected Wetlands

Tetee Gebro

As the rest of the world struggles to come to terms with the effect of climate change, the poorest countries, like our own, are on the front lines. Scientists say the vast majority of climate change is caused by richer … More

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Oil Crisis Sparks Shift to Renewable Energy in Liberia

James Harding Giahyue

It stands one storey tall and is painted in radiant orange and green but that is not what makes Emma’s Fashion perhaps the most noticeable building at V.O.A. Junction on the Roberts International Airport highway. What makes it stand out … More

Residents say gas stations built by Total Petroleum Company in areas such as SKD Boulevard in Congo Town, 72nd, Free Port of Monrovia and Martha Elbow on Bushrod Island, threaten these protected wetlands.Read Watch Listen

Total Stations Threatening Liberia’s Environment? Neither EPA or Public Works Admit Granting Permits

Mae Azango

 Monrovia – The swamps or wetlands along Liberia’s coast is said to play a crucial role in the country’s ecosystem. They are nesting grounds for sea creatures, which lay and hatch their eggs before returning to the rough sea. Without … More

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Impact of Global Oil Price on Liberians

Tecee Boley

In some of Africa’s biggest oil producing countries like Nigeria and Angola the dramatic global drop in oil prices has had a big impact. Ninety percent of government revenue in those countries comes from oil sales so the drop has … More

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No Oil but Chevron Leaves Its Mark on Liberia

By Jefferson Massah

As almost all of the oil companies are shutting down operations in Liberia, we look back at what one of the biggest companies Chevron, is leaving behind as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program in Liberia. This is a … More

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Uncertain Over Payment: Ex-NOCAL Staff Wary of Severance Pay

James Harding Giahyue

Monrovia – It has been more than six months since President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ordered a restructure of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) in an effort to prevent bankruptcy. With that came the redundancy of more than 100 … More

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Jefferson Massah, NN Fellow, News Director, Radio Gbarnga

Jefferson Massah is a reporter in our Thomson Reuters/New Narratives Oil Reporting program. He is the Head of Programs and Training at Radio Gbarnga in Liberia’s second biggest city. Jefferson has spent more than 10 years in radio management and training, … More

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NN’s Wade Williams on Ebola in Liberia for The New York Times

By Wade Williams

MONROVIA, Liberia — LIBERIANS have begun calling the days between July 27 and Aug. 3 “the dark week” — 173 new Ebola virus cases and 94 new deaths. How much darker things may get is anybody’s guess. In Johnsonville, a … More

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New Narratives Reporters Profiled in Valerie Magazine

By Clair MacDougall

After the War, Liberian Women Fight for a New Future MONROVIA, Liberia—As a feminist and reporter based in West Africa, I was drawn to Liberia by the promise of women, who played a significant role in rebuilding a nation left … More

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NN’s Tecee Boley Wins Prestigious Scholarship to South African University

New Narratives is immensely proud that our fellow and Senior Reporter for Front Page Africa Tecee Boley has won the 2014 Konrad-Adnauer-Stiftung scholarship to the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tecee was one of three journalists chosen … More

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NN’s Mae Azango’s Brave Reporting Features on Chime for Change

When Mae Azango wrote her cover story on the health effects of female genital cutting in Liberia’s major newspaper, FrontPage Africa on International Women’s Day in March 2012 she had little idea of the firestorm she would ignite. Within days … More