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NN’s Robtel Pailey launches “Gbagba” in London, moderated by NN head Prue Clarke

Please join us as NN opinion writer Robtel Pailey launches her children’s book “Gbagba” (with illustrations by NN’s Chase Walker) at the School of Oriental and African studies in London tonight. The event will be moderated by NN Executive Director … More

Hannah Toe, 24, in the 12th grade at Cestos High School, got pregnant at 17 and left school for a few years to take care of her baby.Read Watch Listen

Teen Pregnancy and Bush Schools Hurting Efforts to Educate Girls

By Mae Azango with photos by Chase Walker

Cestos City – Hannah Toe is in the twelfth grade class at Cestos High School in rural Rivercess County. She looks youthful with cornrows and a red flower headband in her hair matching her ruffled top, but she is 24 … More

Student at Upper Timbo Community SchoolRead Watch Listen

Liberia Schools Crisis: Unfit Buildings and No Books Leave Children Behind

By Mae Azango with photos by Chase Walker

Cestos City – Twelve-year-old Baby Girl Yarkah is in the first grade and attends the Upper Timbo Community School in Little Liberia, Rivercess County. She shares a small chair with another girl because there are not enough seats to accommodate … More

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Liberia Education Crisis: A 3-part series reveals schools in chaos

By Mae Azango with photos by Chase Walker

Cestos City – Students in Rivercess County are learning less than half of the curriculum each semester because of untrained teachers and a broken pay system that forces teachers to abandon schools for days, even weeks at a time. The … More

by Ken Harper  – S.I. Newhouse School of Public CommunicationsRead Watch Listen

NN’s Robtel Pailey named to Top 99 Foreign Policy Professionals Under 33

WASHINGTON, DC:  The Diplomatic Courier and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy are pleased to announce that Robtel Pailey, Opinion Columnist with New Narratives, has been recognized on the 2013 “99 Under 33,” an international list noting the most influential foreign … More

Protestors oppose jailing of FrontPage Africa editor Rodney Sieh in 2011Read Watch Listen

In Liberia, silencing press critics through libel lawsuits

By Emily Schmall and Aaron Leaf

From NN executive: We are reposting this article from July 2011 in light of the Liberian Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold the $1.5m libel verdict against FrontPage Africa. During Liberia’s 14-year civil war, the press was silenced through violence. … More

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NN’s Rodney Sieh Spells Out the No Bribe Policy at FrontPage Africa Newspaper

By Emily Schmall - NN Country Director

Paying Off – The problem of bribes in the Liberian press After two civil wars, Liberian journalists are enjoying unprecedented freedoms but struggling to maintain independence. The business of news is not yet financially viable there: the media market is oversaturated, … More

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NN’s Mae Azango profiled by Internews for UNESCO World Press Freedom Forum in Costa Rica

By Internews

A Fierce Champion for Women Braves Death Threats and Job Loss She has a broad smile and open, friendly face. But Liberian journalist Mae Azango has the fierce and courageous heart of a warrior. Although she has received death threats … More

Health workers here say the most frustrating part is that Pewee’s illness and likely death were entirely preventable. Pewee, like so many babies in Liberia, is suffering from severe malnutrition simply because of false beliefs on breastfeeding. Pewee’s mother Zennah has been told that breast milk is best for her child, but she says she stopped breastfeeding him when she resumed sex with her husband two months after the birth.Read Watch Listen

Breastfeeding Myths: Liberia in Top 5 for Baby Deaths, ‘Difficult Problems’ linger

By Tecee Boley and Kara Freedman

Forkpah Town, Clay Ashland,  Tiny Pewee Wamah  tries  to hold the piece of boiled cassava his mother hands to him, but his tiny trembling hands soon let go and the cassava falls to the bright red earth. The 14-month-old baby … More

(Ahmed Jallanzo/European Pressphoto Agency)
Students in class at the Monrovia Elementary Demonstration School in June. Can the war against corruption in Liberia be won by instilling moral values in its children?Read Watch Listen

NN’s Robtel Pailey makes The New York Times with her piece on Children’s Role in Changing a Culture of Corruption

By Robtel Pailey in collaboration with New Narratives

MONROVIA, Liberia — I remember the first time I stared corruption in the face. It was 2010, and I was chairwoman of a Liberian government committee responsible for reforming the awarding of international scholarships. We discovered that a group of … More

Ruth Berry Peal remains separated from her family despite her historic victory as the first woman to win a conviction for forced female genital cuttingRead Watch Listen

Lawless Liberia: Legal Failure Renews Global Calls For Female Genital Cut Law

By Tecee Boley

The case of Ruth Berry Peal has prompted renewed calls from anti-FGC activists for the Liberian government to join that 24 other African countries that have passed laws that specifically make female genital cutting illegal. No such law exists in … More

Ruth Berry Peal (right) and her lawyer H. Dedeh Wilson after their Supreme Court victory making her the first woman to win a conviction for female genital cutting in LiberiaRead Watch Listen

Living in Fear: After Liberia’s First FGC Conviction, Victim Still Harassed, Haunted

By Tecee Boley

In January this year Ruth Berry Peal and her family thought their three year ordeal was over. The Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that made the Bomi mother-of-eight the first woman in Liberia to win a conviction for … More

Student politician Sarta Bowah says government failures on water and sanitation force her to miss schoolRead Watch Listen

Liberia’s Education Crisis: Water & Sanitation Problems Driving Children From School

By Tecee Boley

Monrovia – Ah… O Say…! Ah… O Say…! (Battle Cry) We will make sure water and sanitation issues are addressed on this campus!”, Sarta S. Bawoh yells a battle cry as her followers answer, “say!” (Read original piece in FrontPage … More

Women entrepreneurs are leading efforts to revitalize Liberia's economy.Read Watch Listen

Women Entrepreneurs Take Liberian Business to a New Level

By Tecee Boley

It is often said that the growth of a nation depends on the economy and the ability of its people to venture into the private sector.  Since the war, petty trading is fast becoming the main form of employment for … More

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Rapists’ Nation? Rape Still Stalking Liberia’s Kids; 1 in 10 Victims Age 5 And Under

By Tecee Boley

“The boy is my neighbor’s son,” says the grandmother. “We eat and play together. They came to me begging I agreed not to go to court. That court thing can waste time and money. I just want my little girl … More

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NN’s Robtel Pailey and Chase Walker Release Children’s Book on Corruption

Robtel Pailey, opinion columnist for NN and FrontPage Africa, has teamed up with NN’s photographer and FrontPage graphic designer Chase Walker, to produce a groundbreaking book designed to teach children about corruption. “Gbagba” is the story of Sundaymah and Sundaygar, two … More

by Ken Harper  – S.I. Newhouse School of Public CommunicationsRead Watch Listen

‘Dialogue, Not a Monologue’: Liberia, Africa Youths Yearning to be Heard

By Robtel Pailey

I watched in amazement as stately Cameroonian 30-something, Mamadou  Kwidjim Toure, founder of pan-African youth movement “Africa 2.0”, slipped former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo a note on the elevated stage. Overhead, two wide-screen projectors magnified this exchange to an audience … More

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NN Executive Director Prue Clarke argues aid world undercuts development by ignoring media

By Prue Clarke

By not supporting local media, the donor world fails to engage local populations in the development process and give them the information they need to drive change themselves.  By Prue Clarke, Executive Director, New Narratives – Africans Reporting Africa. | … More

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The Negro Clause in Liberia’s Constitution Is Not Racist; It Is Protectionary

By Robtel Pailey

  There is a subculture in Liberia that, though highly visible and active, is almost never discussed – like an unacknowledged elephant in the room. (See original post here.) It consists of Lebanese businessmen and their families who started migrating to … More

Experts say Liberia's chimps could go extinctRead Watch Listen

Wildlife At Risk: Experts Warn Hunting, Deforestation Killing Liberia’s Future

By Tecee Boley

Monrovia – Dalida squirms on the lap of a woman at a restaurant bar on Tubman Boulevard. (See original post here.) The young chimpanzee was captured just two weeks after her birth. Now four weeks old she wears diapers and … More

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Crisis Point? In Monrovia, Half A Million Gallons Water Lost to Broken Pipe

By Tecee Boley

The Liberian government submitted information to the World Health Organization and UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program that estimated eight percent of households in urban areas have pipe borne water and 88 percent have access to an improved water source. Ironically the … More