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The Power of One: Hanna Slocum Changing Women’s Lives

By Prue Clarke and Tecee Boley

The West African country of Liberia is considered one of the world’s worst places to be a woman. In the aftermath of the country’s brutal civil war, women have limited access to medical care, jobs, and education. Rape is so … More

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Child and Teen Prostitution Flourishes in Monrovia Grow

By Tecee Boley

Teenage sex workers say the government has failed to deliver on any of the promises they made after reports in several Liberian media houses last year revealed Liberian girls were forced into prostitution to survive. After the New Narratives story … More

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As Bones Surface, Massacre Survivors Demand Collective Burial

By Fabine Kwiah

During the Liberian civil war, tens of thousands of dead were buried in unmarked graves. Mass graves litter the country including the capital city Monrovia. As Fabine Kwiah reports some leaders are calling for these graves to be excavated and … More

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Liberian Government Neglects Mass Graves

By Tetee Gebro

It’s been seven years since the end of the civil war in Liberia, but there are still some gruesome reminders of the past. Mass graves haunt the capital. Former TRC Chairman Jerome Verdier is among several leading human rights advocates … More

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Birth Injury Maims Liberian Mothers

Tecee Boley

Across Liberia tens of thousands of women are quietly suffering from an injury that leaves them outcasts from friends and family. Fistula is an injury that occurs most often in childbirth when the woman does not have medical assistance. It … More