James Harding Giahyue, NN Reporting Fellow, Senior Reporter Front Page Africa

James Harding Giahyue is a leading print reporter in Liberia. He is a text and photo stringer with Reuters news agency, as well as a reporter for the Thomson Reuters Foundation on women’s rights issue and climate change. James is also … More

Jefferson Massah, NN Fellow, News Director, Radio Gbarnga

Jefferson Massah is a reporter in our Thomson Reuters/New Narratives Oil Reporting program. He is the Head of Programs and Training at Radio Gbarnga in Liberia’s second biggest city. Jefferson has spent more than 10 years in radio management and training, … More

Mae Azango Senior Reporter, Country Manager – Liberia

“I am a journalist because there are a lot of people suffering. Who hears them? No one, unless I go and record their voices.”… Mae Azango Mae Azango is one of the best known reporters in Liberia. She is also … More

Tecee Boley Reporter, Presenter, Project Manager “Big Belly Business”

Tecee Boley is a leading radio and print reporter in Liberia. She is the manager for radio projects in our partnership with Big Belly Business, funded by OSIWA and the State Department in partnership with the What to Expect Foundation. Tecee is … More

Robtel Neajai Pailey Columnist, Commentator

Robtel Neajai Pailey joins New Narratives as our first Opinion Writing Fellow. Robtel’s opinion pieces appear in FrontPage Africa and her commentaries air on radio stations across Liberia. Robtel was recently named one of the Top 99 Foreign Policy Leaders … More

Wade Williams Editor, Reporter

Wade C.L. Williams is an investigative reporter and chief of the news desk for FrontPageAfrica newspaper and website.  Some call her the most powerful newswoman in Liberia where few women have been able to make a career in the media, let alone reach … More

Chase Walker Photojournalist, Layout Editor

Chase Walker is New Narratives’ resident photojournalist. He works at FrontPage Africa newspaper and website where he is head of the graphic department and is responsible for the layout and design of the newspaper. He also regularly contributes political and … More

Rose Kebbeh Kaiwuh Reporter, Presenter

Rose Kebbeh Kaiwuh is a journalist and presenter with Truth FM and RealTV in Monrovia. She hosts three programs FOCUS ON WOMEN, a program that looks at issues affecting women in Africa and the world at large, CONSUMERS WATCH, a … More

Fabine Kwiah Reporter, Presenter

Fabine Kwiah is a reporter and newscaster at Radio Veritas where she presents the weekly Voices of Women program. She has been a New Narratives fellow since July 2011. In 2012 Fabine’s report on the impact of Liberia’s high rate … More

Tetee Gebro Reporter, Presenter

Tetee Gebro is a popular and highly regarded reporter and presenter in Liberia who launched her own show talk show Okay Liberia, in January 2016, with co-host Daniel Nyankonah on Okay FM 99.5. She is a reporter with our Thomson … More

Sonnie Morris Alum

Sonnie Morris is a public relations officer with the United Nations in Liberia. Sonnie was recruited from her job as a reporter and presenter at Sky FM in 2011 because of her groundbreaking reporting with New Narratives. During her time … More

Clara Mallah Alum

Clara Mallah is a newspaper reporter in Monrovia. During her time with New Narratives she was a reporter with FrontPage Africa newspaper where she did groundbreaking reporting on a range of issues including child prostitution, unsafe abortions and child rape. Clara won … More

Meata Jorkey Alum

Meata combines her passion for social work with broadcasting. After studying sociology at university, she took up an internship at Search for Common Ground in Monrovia in 2007. She worked with the outreach department, traveling to the field to speak … More

Lady Mai Hunter Alum

Lady Mai was chosen by the Liberia Broadcasting System, the country’s state radio, for a new project involving young people reporting on young people in 2008. She coordinated the International Children’s Day of Broadcasters before moving to the Liberia Women … More