James Harding GiahyueJames Harding Giahyue is a leading print reporter in Liberia. He is a text and photo stringer with Reuters news agency, as well as a reporter for the Thomson Reuters Foundation on women’s rights issue and climate change.

James is also contributes to our Thomson Reuters/New Narratives project reporting Liberia’s oil industry.

Before joining Reuters in 2014, James worked as a reporter and editor with several Liberian newspapers, including Insight, Focus, New Republic, Catalyst and National Chronicle. He started his journalism career in 2004 as a sports reporter with then D.C.101.1

James holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the United Methodist University.

James’ drive to become a journalist came just after the civil war in Liberia in 2003, when   he chose to contribute to the sports department of D.C. 101.1 FM as a result of a strong passion for soccer.

More than a decade since then, James has become passionate about reporting on environment, human rights, politics, arts and culture.

“For me, journalism is an opportunity to contribute to my country’s postwar recovery and most of all to help build a culture of patriotism via the promotion of the Liberian identity and the decrying of societal vices such as corruption and nepotism,” he says.