NN’s Mae Azango’s Brave Reporting Features on Chime for Change

When Mae Azango wrote her cover story on the health effects of female genital cutting in Liberia’s major newspaper, FrontPage Africa on International Women’s Day in March 2012 she had little idea of the firestorm she would ignite. Within days … More

NN Reporting Prompts Govt to Announce Elimination of Female Genital Cutting Day

In the wake of the international uproar prompted by death threats against NN Country Manager Mae Azango, the Liberian government has taken the unprecedented step of announcing February 6 will be “Intensifying Efforts for Elimination of Female Genital Cutting” Day. … More

Mae Azango’s Acceptance Speech at the Committee to Protect Journalists’ Awards

“Ladies and Gentlemen. This is my shortest speech ever, because I can talk non-stop for hours without knowing it, but I will try my best to keep it short and simple, (KISS) as journalism requires. Please see video of speech here … More

Voices Against Genital Cutting: Survivors Speak Against Controversial practice in N.Y.

By Mae Azango

New York City – A young girl stood weeping while women danced happily around her. A grand celebration was already underway for the girl’s rite of passage. It would end with her circumcision and the women rejoicing. Against her will, the … More

NN’s Mae Azango on her time in hiding after reporting on FGC

By Mae Azango

One would never know how real or powerful fear is unless he or she experiences it. I lived with fear for over three weeks after I did a story on female genital cutting that was published on March 8, 2012.  … More

NN’s Mae Azango on US public radio’s “On The Media”

Brook Gladstone intro: When Liberian journalist Mae Azango wrote an article about the taboo topic of female genital mutilation, she and her nine year-old daughter became the targets of multiple threats. Brooke talks to Mae about her reporting that forced … More

CBC Reports on the Role of NN’s Mae Azango in Leaders’ Decision to End Genital Cutting


Liberian journalist hides, for reporting sexual mutilation   Mae Azango is a journalist in Liberia. She’s in hiding fearing for her safety after breaking a national taboo and writing a story about a secret sect that practices female genital mutilation. … More

Article on the Difficulty Faced by NN’s Reporters Covering Female Genital Cutting

by Travis Luptick

Monrovia, Liberia: When Kulah Borbor’s daughter was 13 years old, she asked her mother if she could join Liberia’s secret Sande Society. Most Liberian women are members of the Sande, so her daughter’s request was nothing unusual. But Borbor, a … More

NN’s Breakthrough Reporting Prompts Liberian Leaders to Announce an End To Female Circumcision

By Wade Williams

Monrovia – Traditional leaders and government ministers have revealed a secret agreement to shut down the activities of Liberia’s secret women’s society, the Sande, for an indefinite period. The deal will see all Sande land turned over to the leaders … More

Genital Cutting Threatens the Health of Liberia’s Women

By Tetee Gebro

The cultural practice of female genital cutting is rampant in Liberia, especially in the countryside.  Parents send girls as young as infants to ceremonies conducted by a secretive indigenous religion known as the Sande to be cut without knowing the … More

Committee to Protect Journalists Calls on Government to Protect NN Reporter After Threats For Story on Genital Cutting

The Committee to Protect Journalists has called on the Government of Liberia to protect NN Fellow Mae Azango and her newspaper FrontPage Africa after threats they received for a story on female genital cutting in the country. Mae faced big … More