New Narratives provides resources, editorial and business support to help leading African news media deliver independent, honest news that Africans use to drive change.

NN Advisor Leymah Gbowee celebrates her 2011 Nobel Peace Prize with Liberia’s Women of Peace

Through investigative and hard-hitting stories, NN reporters arm Africans with the information they need to demand accountability from leaders and make decisions that will improve their lives. NN editors, managers, commentators, photographers and reporters are top journalists at independent media houses. In Liberia we have the country’s largest audience, reaching 2/3 of the people and making sure every story has maximum impact.

NN reporters have broken stories on taboo subjects such as female genital cutting, child labor, teen pregnancy, rape, teen prostitution, unsafe abortions and major news issues such as misdeeds by foreign resources companies and coup plots. We have prompted  investigations and initiatives by government and international agencies including the 2012 government decision to shut down the societies practicing female genital cutting. We have forced judicial reform and spread information about innovations that help people across the country. We have highlighted the work of visionaries, many of them women. We have won growing audiences for our media houses and encouraged rival media to lift their standards to compete.

Africans Reporting Africa

Too few journalists reporting from Africa are African. We believe Africans are better placed to give in-depth analysis on their own countries that will ensure world leaders have the nuanced information they need to make decisions that impact the continent. NN journalists are the major contributors to international media such as The New York TimesNewsweek/Daily Beast, The GuardianReutersGlobal PostNewsday, PBS Newshour, Foreign Policy magazine, US public radio and the Christian Science Monitor.

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